Beautiful, soft and luxurious. Our ribbons are made from the finest bamboo silk. Bamboo is sustainable and resists many natural pests, which means fewer pesticides to grow it. This means it is a sustainable and vegan friendly alternative to traditional silk ribbons. Finished with a hand-frayed edge. Available in a maximum of 5m lengths.

1" Ribbon £3.75 per metre

2" Ribbon £4.25 per metre

Ribbons also available in muslin & cotton velvet

IMG_5720 2.jpg


Napkins are available in muslin, bamboo silk, linen. Sizes are approximately 45-50cm x 45-50cm dependent on fabric choice. All napkins are hand dyed and finished with a hand frayed edge.

Muslin Napkin  £3.50 each

Bamboo Silk Napkin £5.80 each

Linen Napkin £6.95



Runners are available in muslin, bamboo silk, linen. Runners are between 45-50cm wide and available in any length up to a maximum of 5m lengths. All runners  are hand-dyed and finished with a hand frayed edge.

Muslin Runner  £6.00 per metre 

Bamboo Silk Runner £9.75 per metre

Linen Runner £10.00 per metre



Signature colours

These colours have been tested for their year round consistency and durability







Blush pink

Cafe au lait

Dusky pink

Light dove blue

Dove Blue

Bespoke Colours

There are many more colours that we can create. However, the time of year and your intended use for the products may dictate what dye stuff we use to create the colour you want. If you have a particular colour in mind, please contact us to discuss. 

For bespoke colours are charged at £1 per item to cover the cost of preparing bespoke dyes and providing samples for you to choose from. 

Some natural dye colours are fugitive which mean they fade overtime in sunlight or will change colour once washed. 

ALLERGIES: Please note that some dye ingredients contain nuts and anyone who could get an allergic reaction from touching nut products is advised not to use them.

To discuss a quote, order colour samples or find out more...

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