About us

Willow & Ribbon Botanical Linens was born from a desire to make the weddings & events industry more sustainable.


Having worked in corporate events for big global companies, I’ve seen first hand how behind the industry is in terms of sustainability. Textile dying and treatment is the second-largest polluter in the world and this means event linens dyed in the traditional way are contributing to the problem.


Here at Willow & Ribbon, all our linens are naturally dyed using botanical products, making them a more eco-friendly alternative for your wedding or event. We also use products such as bamboo silk, which is a more sustainable alternative to traditional silk.

We either forage or buy natural food stuffs or plants to make all of our dye baths. 

Botanical dyes can produce some beautiful colours, just as vibrant and stunning as chemical dyes but a fraction of the environmental impact. 

Because chemicals are not used, the natural dying process can leave some marbling and colour imperfections, which means each product is perfectly unique.

In order to improve our sustainability further, we offer a recycle discount on larger orders to return unwanted items after an event so they can be refreshed and reused.

The Process